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We are Pulse Marketing – A digital agency providing marketing solutions for doctors and other healthcare providers that deliver results. 

Our ability to deliver results starts by understanding your competition, what parts of their business they’re trying to promote, and how they’re branding themselves. Combined with having our finger on the pulse of the latest digital marketing trends, we’re able to deliver websites, social media campaigns, search engine optimization campaigns (SEO), and video marketing solutions that drive measurable growth to your business.


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Who is the 21st Century Patient?

Today’s patients want to shop around for their healthcare procedures, different treatment options, prices, and alternatives. They base their decision on a variety of different visual factors including how you rank on their search query, your website (and your competition’s site), reviews, videos, and even content from your social media pages. All of these visual cues are determining factors for patients to judge if you’re the right doctor for them.

That’s why custom, creative marketing solutions that clearly distinguish who you are and why you’re a better option than your competition, will propel your practice to the next level.

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Creating an effective website, however, can be tricky because sometimes the aesthetic component of a website can hinder the ability of a website to perform well, resulting in patients leaving your site without contacting you. Here are the top three reasons patients will abandon a website: REASON #1 – Your Website Is Not Providing The Right Content Your Users Desire When a patient types in their search query on Google, they’re literally telling you what they want. If they enter your website only to discover that the information they’re seeking isn’t there or is too difficult to find, they’ll leave. Make sure you have a clear visual hierarchy throughout your site so patients can easily navigate through information. The information you present on your website should cater towards patients that are just starting their healthcare search, are somewhere in the middle, and are close to making their decision because you never know what stage of a decision process a patient is in when they visit your site. REASON #2 – Your Call-To-Actions On Your Website Are Hidden Every page of your website should have a call-to-action that is prominently displayed. It should not be screaming to patients “CONTACT ME NOW”, but it should be clearly visible so patients know where to click when they’re ready to book an appointment or contact you. Technically, a call-to-action (CTA) is an instruction to your audience to provoke an immediate response. Examples of traditional call-to-actions include the verbiage such as, “Call Now”, “Book Your Appointment Online”, “Schedule a Consultation Today”, etc. REASON # 3 – Your Website Provides a Poor Mobile-Experience If you read our last article, “New HubSpot Survey Reveals What Mobile Users REALLY Want From Your Mobile Site”, then you know just how important the experience is for mobile users. In fact, one of the most important findings in that study said “a well-designed, high quality mobile site is critical because it conveys that a business cares about their customers/patients and wants to do business with them”. That statement says it all. If your website is not mobile friendly or is, but provides a mediocre experience, you’re at a huge disadvantage!

Three Reasons Patients Are Abandoning Your Website Without Contacting You

Before the dawn of the Internet your physical location where you conducted business was the only physical evidence that patients […]

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