Its common sense that if patients are searching Google for medical services that you offer and your site is on page one of their search results, your site will most likely be visited. What’s not common sense is that every marketing agency has a different approach to SEO and there’s no one right formula to success. We’ve been successfully doing SEO for years and have a team of experts, and the right technology to get your site ranked where patients are searching. “If you build it, they will come”, might be true in the movie, “Field of Dreams”, but this is a common fallacy when it comes to your website.



On April, 21 2015 Google announced their largest mobile-friendly update to their algorithm to date. The update officially separated mobile search results from desktop search results. And yet despite the fact that on average more than 60% of all website traffic is from a mobile device, most healthcare marketing agencies providing SEO services only show their clients results for their desktop search results. Why would you show results that apply to only 40% of your overall website traffic? This is why our SEO campaigns show results for both desktop and mobile SEO results, so clients can get the full picture of their search engine optimization campaigns!



Search engine optimization isn’t a black hole where clients pay a regular fee and have no clue what they’re getting in return. Some of our competitors may do business that way, but we believe it’s important to set measurable goals with you and show you how we’re achieving those goals. We use two metrics when measuring results – the number of new patients to your practice and an ongoing report showing you exactly where your keywords are ranking. Now that’s transparency!



Your keywords may be the foundation of your SEO campaign, but that’s just the starting point of the race. In order for you to have a successful SEO campaign, our team of experts are constantly monitoring your keyword movement, the latest updates in search engine algorithms, and testing and fine-tuning your existing campaign. It’s with this formula that we’re able to maintain your existing SEO results and grow your campaign into a direction that will deliver tangible growth to your practice.