Video Marketing isn’t new, but our approach to video where we gently sell your medical services by creating a visually compelling and engaging story…well yes that is new to this industry. Your credentials and accolades are important to patients when making healthcare decisions, but what they really want to see is if you’re the right fit for their healthcare needs. Usually a patient makes that distinction when they arrive for their first appointment or consultation. But what if that could happen before they even pick the phone up to call you? Video marketing allows a patient to make an emotional connection with your practice immediately, build a sense of trust and credibility with you within seconds, and allows you as a physician to establish a presence on the world’s second largest search engine – YouTube.



Although there are a lot of moving parts to making a successful medical video, we make that process seamless for our clients and most videos have a turnaround time between 5 – 7 days. Our video marketing packages include the following:

  • Pre-Production (pre-interview & location scouting)
  • Production/Filming
  • Post Production (two client passes on video)


For clients seeking optimal results with their video marketing we also offer Video SEO. This emerging marketing service is similar to the traditional SEO process, but because it’s a different medium, requires a slightly different approach. Our team of experts are able to optimize your videos so your videos get the highest visibility from your perspective patients.