Major Announcement From The World’s Second Largest Search Engine – YouTube

Youtube, the world’s second largest search engine in the world and third most visited site in the world after Google and Facebook, just announced their paid subscription service dubbed, “YouTube Red”. Subscribers will be able to watch streaming video and audio without commercials for $9.99/month. What began with three friends creating a virtual place to share their videos has now emerged to become one of the biggest players in the latest technological trends – streaming video.

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The Competitive Advantage of YouTube Red

Right now YouTube Red is positioning itself to answer the younger generation’s demand for their ravenous appetite for streaming audio. Take a peak at their video below.

However, YouTube Red is in a very unique position because streaming audio is only one half of their offering. Unlike Netflix, Pandora, or even Apple (a late contender in the streaming audio market), Youtube Red has the unique ability to offer both streaming audio AND video. In fact, they’ve already announced their desire to open the platform up to video by creating their own original movies. Sound familiar? Netflix is already creating their own original movies and TV series.


How YouTube’s Announcement Will Affect Healthcare

Youtube Red has three intriguing components for healthcare providers:

  1. It will cost a user a low payment of $9.99/month. When users are asked to purchase a subscription they’re making a commitment and are more likely to routinely engage with the subscription versus if it was free.
  2. Users will be able to watch/listen to content online AND offline. With the advent of mobile, this means users can watch streaming content anytime and anywhere.
  3. Youtube Red is the only subscription based streaming audio/video platform that will allow anyone to produce and upload content.


Are you starting see the huge impact when these three components get combined into one pot and start to brew? It’s still to early to tell if YouTube Red will be more successful in the streaming audio, video, or both markets, but this is a potential game changer on how patients use YouTube to engage with their healthcare providers. And it has the potential to make video marketing even more important and critical for doctors to use as part of their Internet marketing strategy. Perhaps one day YouTube will take up as much Internet traffic as Netflix, who currently accounts for over 35% of the ENTIRE US Internet traffic at peak hours.



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